Fewer Leads.
More Sales.

High Quality Lead Generation for Consulting Businesses
Get Better Leads

Don’t just find customers, close them.

When you want new customers, the fewer calls you need to make the better.

But who do you call? And when? And how many times? And what do you say?

At EST, we provide high-quality, qualified leads – so you can focus on closing them.

Expert Advice

Connections with Business Owners for Coaches and Consultants

Marketing and Branding

Connections with Decision Makers for Marketers and Branding Specialists

IT & Technology

Connections to Key Personnel for IT and Technology firms.

… and many more.

A Gentle Approach

Nobody likes the feeling of being sold to, but everyone needs to buy things from time to time. Our teams focus on looking after your prospects, so connections are far more receptive when they reach you.

This makes for a much gentler approach, and far higher quality leads. We also book them directly in your calendar, and confirm both ways via e-mail.

Don’t waste your time and energy hunting for customers, speak with someone who knows you already. You’ll never look at lead generation the same way again.

The Right Place to Start

Our database includes over 1.5 million Australian businesses and is growing every day. With our custom data management app, we can target down to a very small niche within minutes. This enables rapid pivots in target and location for our customers.

Leads in our database

Calls per month

We Understand Your Requirements

Before starting with a new client, we work through a process to understand the value and offer you are taking to your clients.

  • We first complete a profile on your business and yourself to make sure the match with your customers is as close as we can make it.
  • We then complete a profile on your target prospect, with individual staff trained in your business specifically.
  • Finally, we use our in-house process and locally developed systems to help you reach just the people you need to.

Build Better Business

Lead Generation isn’t hard, but it is hard to do well.

It’s also an area of your business that needs constant attention, and it doesn’t get easier no matter how much you do it.

But you don’t have to do it at all.

We provide you with qualified opportunities to follow up on, with a time booked directly in your calendar and a full profile sent to you via email.

High Quality Leads Delivered Monthly

Each month clients receive 3-5 leads that are qualified to their target criteria. Leads have been introduced to the products and services you offer, and time has been booked in their calendar for your follow up.

That’s all.

Be A Leader In Your Industry

Focus on what you do well, and talk to the right people about it.

  • Qualified connections
  • Prepared to make a change
  • Already aware of your offering
  • Booked in your calendar

Get everything that you want. And nothing you don’t.

Satisfied Customers

“Yesterday was a great day in my life, handing the hard work (it was becoming) to you was great. I just wanted you to know the big difference you have made. Thanks heaps.”


Personal Coach

“Thanks for all the help – the system is working mint. Appreciate your help to set everything up. Cheers.”



“Thanks for all of the info and help, I appreciate it so much. I‘ve been recommending your company to other small business owners – I hope it’s brought you some new clients.”


Small Business Owner


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